The Big Crash
art for the pending burst of the real estate bubble by Malte Steiner
The Big Crash is an expansive art piece which branches out in many forms, such as painting, electronic art, sound and music, net art, sculpture and installation art. The piece embraces Steiner’s concept of the contemporary interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk and started early 2019.

The thematic departure point is the instability of the real estate market as a consequences of extreme gentrification. Something that is actively taking place in all bigger cities around the globe. There is a pending ‘big bubble crash’ as a consequence of this and the piece deals with the growing instability this creates and the effects of it on society.

The Big Crash is intended to grow, and the first parts are based on a software that mines the Internet for real estate data, here websites that work as intermediaries of rented properties, rooms and flats. Berlin is here chosen as an example since the market and the city's gentrification has expanded in a such high speed over the last years.

Malte Steiner wrote a software which harvests the data of the websites, e. g. prices and square-meters, but also the visuals of the advertisements. These are analyzed with a machine learning algorithm, performing an image segmentation and separates objects found in these images into picture fragments. These fragmentations will consequently be used in the art pieces. The numerical data of the prices i.e. is transferred to MIDI and OSC data to control synthesizers, creating generative soundscapes.
contact: info AT thebigcrash DOT net
8. February - 8. March 2020
full exhibition at Spanien 19c Aarhus, Denmark
18. September 2019
premiere of the electro acoustic 'piece for modular synthesizer and real estate data' at ExperimenTik Berlin, Germany
exhibitions works
works created to be shown in an exhibition context in physical spaces
  • The Building Blocks Of The Big Crash
    electronic installation and paintings
  • The Price Of Berlin
    sculptures based on 3D printing and e-paper
  • The Great Gentrificator
    kinetik sculpture
  • Stacheldraht über den Dächern Prenslauer Berg
    oil painting
  • Deep Estate
    dynamic drawings created with e-paper displays
  • The Big Crash VR
    immersive virtual reality world for Oculus headset
  • Squatwash
    after artwashing property developers use now the squat aesthetics for gentrification
  • Building Blocks AR
    participatory augmented reality artpiece
  • Listening section
    headphones section with earlier sound pieces about gentrification and urbanism from 1987 and 1994 and information about other works related to the topic from the 2000s like his art collaboration Urban Units
  • Tonight We Sell Berlin
    info section displaying artefacts showing how Berlin is currently pitched by real estate agents
music works
Electroacoustic pieces for concerts and audio releases
internet based works
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