The Big Crash
art for the pending burst of the real estate bubble by Malte Steiner

The Big Crash VR
Immersive virtual reality artpiece created out of the results of the data harvesting from real estate ad sites and the CAD data of the artefacts for 3D printing, another media- and even reality transfer. The audience has the chance to dive into the surreal world of the results of machine learning, with huge architectural artefacts hovering of their heads and mobile cities moving closer on their path of gentrification. The sound design plays an important role to create the overall mood of the virtual reality.
By the usuage of the self contained VR headset Oculus Quest no cables are attached unlike with other headsets and the spectator can move around freely in a defined space within the exhibition.
Malte Steiners use of VR and 3D engines in artistic concepts date back into the late 90s where he experimented with VRML multiuser artpieces. In the 2000s he used 3D engines for live visuals in his music projects and also in interactive art installations like First Person Spam from 2005 and deStatik from 2009.
© Malte Steiner 2019